Not every event deserves attention.

Know why, when, and how to respond to events driving your sales.

Increase same store sales by anticipating, mitigating and amplifying events that matter.

Variation of sales is one of the main obstacles to profitable locations.

Fixed-cost operations limit the number of decisions an operator can make to remain profitable. When sales are not enough to generate profits, operators have different approaches to solve the problem of variation of sales, but questions remain.

Same store sales in multi-unit retail environments are affected by multiple factors.

Factors Affecting Existing Locations

- Competition or cannibalization
- Shortages in supplies
- Catastrophic events
- Effectiveness of promotions, offerings, sales
- Consumer spending, price & value, repetition
- Franchisees independent control
- Food-borne illnesses

Additional Factors in New Locations

- Unknown tastes and behavior new customers
- Development or construction delays
- Staff that is new to the brand
- New franchisees
- New community and surrounding market
- Seasonality, weather


A novel and unique approach to manage event driven incremental sales and expenses in the multi-unit retail environment.

We take macro and micro exterior events and use proprietary data models to analyse the causes and effects on unit economics.
Our analysis provides you with incremental predictability of sales affecting events based on actual historical data by unit.
You will be able to mitigate negative factors by making proper operating adjustments and increasing same store sales when positive factors are predictive of an opportunity for incremental profits.

ROIchecker solutions

Who do we work with?

Multi-Unit Franchisees

ROIchecker gives you the tools to maximize financial performance of every store in your area. We can help you gain the insight into what is affecting your sales at each one of your locations and allow you to focus on continue building your empire. Learn more

Emerging Brands

Increase same store sales and speed-up your growth. ROIchecker gives you the tools to find peaks and dips beyond natural highs and lows. You will gain maximum revenue from day one – minimizing drops and maximizing highs. Learn more

Corporate Owned Locations

Looking to improve the financial performance of your corporate owned locations? ROIchecker gives you accurate data to help you find opportunities around specific events and allocate your investment resources wisely. Let us help you maximize your same store sales. Learn more

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